Serine Callings

A saracastic human wizard with unpredictable magics





Serine Callings was following the path of the young wizard. She was sent to learn magic at the Archmage’s School of Imperial Wizardry at a young age and never really mastered the art of “subtlety”. With a flair for the dramatic and the habit of gathering energies in excess of what was needed, she was considered a bit of a show off among her classmates. When she went to the high court of the Emperor to serve a term as “court wizard” in the usual course of apprenticeship, it was hoped that the formalities and rules of court would give her some much needed “polish” and help her learn to control her tongue. The opposite was, in fact, the case. Though some found her uncensored honesty refreshing and amusing, others took deep offense. Her court apprenticeship was cut unexpectedly short when she became the target of a powerful and deadly magical attack, which left her physically weak but otherwise (inexplicably) alive. She was sent back to Horizon to spend her days researching in the library where it is hoped she will have less chances to “offend” people.

Serine Callings

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