Nerryn Auric

Nerryn Auric is, above all things, practical--her pragmatism knows no bounds, especially when it comes to the acquisition of items that didn't originally belong to her...I mean, it only makes sense that she owns it now, right?





Nerryn Auric is a human rogue who was abandoned at birth and left on the doorstep of a traveling circus, owned and run by the ringmaster, Rostik. Although growing up with the circus isn’t ideal, she did walk away with several important skills (and also some valuable items). She learned when to stick around and fight and when to fade away into the shadows—she learned the value of money and how to convince seemingly logical and fair-minded people into giving lots of it to her. And above all else, she learned to take a very down-to-earth, pragmatic view on life. For Nerryn, it’s all about providing for the basic needs of the day—you know, the needs of wine, good food, and fun times—all on someone else’s dime.

“Why learn to pick a lock when I can lift the key?” -Nerryn Auric

Nerryn Auric

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