Marduke Grimhammer

Marduke Grimhammer hails from a proud, but very, very small and stubborn dwarf family.





Marduke Grimhammer is the last of the line of a family of dwarves who refused to accept the peace treaty between the Dwarf King and the Elf Queen. For countless decades, his family has fought a futile and costly battle—a battle that has left him as the last dwarf standing from a house now bereft of power and wealth. Marduke takes dwarven stubbornness to a whole new level, carrying out his anger and hatred toward the Elf Queen with great zeal and joy. Because of his family’s poverty, he often rents his services out to the highest bidder. Marduke also dabbles in the healing arts—an important skill for one who often finds himself in the midst of battle. Only time will tell if Marduke is able to put aside his lust for vengeance against the Elf Queen before it consumes and destroys him.

Marduke Grimhammer

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