Janaga Moonshadow

An Elf of the 1st Age known for her religious devotion and fervor


Janaga Moonshadow was a high elf of the 1st age who (legend has it) traveled far and wide in order to record the histories of the many deities of the newly formed Dragon Empire. While no original writings of hers remain, there are numerous copies of copies identifying her as the source of much of what is known today about the different religious practices of the humans, elves, and dwarves. Many writers, clerics, and priests have continued her work, recording the various liturgical and ritualistic practices existent throughout the known world.

Of her own personal background, not much is known—it is said that she was highly regarded amongst the elves, and that she was a close confidant of Rawanda Wolfsbane, the leader of the elves through the first few ages. She died under mysterious circumstances towards the end of the 1st age, and there is much conjecture as to how exactly her life came to an end.

Janaga Moonshadow

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