Branan Bragg the Bard of Draken Bridge

Branan Bragg, known to some as Branan the the Swiller of the North, and still to others as just Branan the Bard, is the kind of guy most people love to be around.





Branan the Swiller of the North is a human bard who most people love to hang out with. His singing and story telling are unrivaled, and it’s rumored that he is good friends of the Dwarf King and the Priestess. There are stories swirling about that he’s had a falling out with the High Druid, although the details of which are wild and nearly mythic. He has spent most of his time in the northern part of the Dragon Empire, but he’s also been known to make his way further south. A jack of many trades, he’s the kind of guy who you don’t mind losing all of your money to (which, as the stories go, happens frequently to many a traveler.) It’s rumored he’s got just as many friends in high places that he has in low places, although just how he has made those more noble friends remains a mystery to most people.

Branan Bragg the Bard of Draken Bridge

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