Alatir Gobel

Alatir Gobel is a well-trained and cunning fighter, a High-Elf who understands that sometimes you have to fight for what is right...





Alatir Gobel is a younger elf (at least, by the elves standards) who tends to keep to himself. He has been trained in the ways of the fighter, and is an exceptionally skilled foe to face on the battlefield. Although quiet and seemingly disengaged by nature, he has a deep perception of the world around him, and he is unafraid to challenge himself, whether it be in combat with another warrior or in his own philosophical exploration of the world around him. Although aligned with the Elf Queen, he has struggled in remaining connected to her—he feels as if there is something which is keeping him from entering into full communion with her and his Elvish brothers and sisters—something beyond his control…

Alatir Gobel

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