Shadows Rising

The Walk to Shadow Port

Are we really going to explore more of this mine?

IMG_2049.JPGThe first day of the two day journey to Shadow Port was relatively uneventful. In the evening they camped just outside the border of the Bitterwood. Each person was assigned a task, and Branan was given the job of finding water for the group. As he was refilling the wine skins with more water, the Priestess appeared to him in a vision and bestowed upon him a Song of Healing.

The next morning, as they picked up their journey on the way to Shadow Port they stopped to investigate an abandoned mine. After some discussion, they decided to go in, just to see if there was anything of value or note inside. As they walked through the mine they approached a fork in the road—they elected to go left. Suddenly, they entered a large cavern that had walls glimmering with Enthilite. As they were picking up pieces of it, they were ambushed by several goblins. After quickly dispatching them, they decided to head back to the fork in the road.

After reaching the fork, they opted to explore the other path not taken. This path led them to an abandoned armory—they picked up an old dwarven sword and continued down the path, where they entered what appeared to be an old throne room. As Branan approached the throne and sat it in, he accidentally knocked an old rusted crown off the head of the skeleton occupying the chair, causing a loud crash to echo through the chamber. From a distance, they could hear voices getting nearer and nearer, until it seemed as if the voices were directly on top of them.

Suddenly, the wall behind the throne room exploded and out poured many goblins and a goblin shaman. After a long and grueling battle all of the goblins lay dead at their feet. Branan saw the goblin shaman’s staff lying on the ground and decided to pick it up and take it with him.

They decided to leave the mine and return to it at some later date. They emerged into the brilliant morning sun and continued on their way to Shadow Port.


Day 2: On the road to Shadow Port
Someone, or something, seems to be interfering with my magic! I had trouble setting a simple guard spell, and the bard with his tricks seems to be more capable with magic than myself at the moment.
Also, my traveling companions don’t seem to know when to leave well enough alone. We deviated from our journey to investigate an abandoned mine (quite fortuitously actually as we discovered the veins of Enthulite have somehow replenished! I have a few shards for experimentation in an armor strengthening oil I’ve been pondering). After a scuffle with some goblins in the mine, they persisted in exploring further. We did discover an old dwarven armory, but also stumbled upon more goblins, this time with a shaman! And no the fool bard has insisted upon keeping the shaman’s staff despite my advice to the contrary. I fear that I am the voice of reason in our merry band, but my words fall upon deaf ears! – Serine Callings

The Walk to Shadow Port

Alatir’s notes:

So far my companions seem competent in combat, and overall we work well together.

Sometimes when exploring, our Human companions need some convincing to venture off the beaten path (which is typical for Humans, and naturally Marduke requires very little encouragement).

To be fair, they are not the ones in heavy armor and wielding a metal shield.

However, Serine seems to be especially wary, even by Human standards. She appeared to be quite uncomfortable in the cave and was relieved when we finally returned to the main road to the ferry.

I am beginning to believe that she may have previously been caught completely by surprise and has learned (the hard way) to be cautious of her surroundings.

A cautious companion is not necessarily a bad thing; the more ears and eyes that are paying attention the better chance we have of preventing our own surprises.

The Walk to Shadow Port

Excerpt from Branan’s journal:
“The throne looked inviting, though in truth it was hardly comfortable. Somewhere off in the corner I heard a loud clatter. That’s when the walls began to tremble.”

“…took the Goblin shaman’s staff. It should fetch a good price. Thankfully the detour was not without purpose.”

“…and moreover, I appreciate Alatir and Marduke’s sense of adventure. What use is it playing it safe all the time? I know trouble will find me. I may as well find it first.”

The Walk to Shadow Port

So, diary/journal/thing:

My suspicions are confirmed; the barkeep is an idiot. This condition is mildly mitigated by his proficiency in destroying foes, and he is certainly entertaining; especially when it’s unintentional, and in hindsight, as we seem to get caught up in his bad luck (I wonder if he tried to woo Jacqueline some night… she’s prone to cursing bedmates).

My other companions are proving battle-savvy as well; though I really do rather wish I hadn’t let the menfolk sway us into further exploring this idiot mine.

Also, the elf had best get a better hold of the leash on his stunty friend; exploding others’ faces before properly gathering information is just impolite to the rest of us.

I’m unsure if this is helping; I must not be doing this correctly.

-Nerryn Auric

The Walk to Shadow Port
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