Shadows Rising

The Flesh Golem, Part II

When we said we wanted a piece of him...

The flesh golem seemed unbeatable—no matter how hard they hit him, he always managed to swing back harder, and somehow found ways to mend his mangled flesh throughout the fight. As the battle progressed, Xylia was knocked out cold—with her comrades unable to take time away from the fight to heal her, she began to drift into darkness.

But before breathing her last, she was thrust back into the midst of battle, although she noticed that her skin had turned green and scaly, and that she was completely unable to move. The not being able to move wasn’t so bad—as a sorcerer, she wasn’t one for close, personal combat. The green scales, though, that was strange.

As Xylia began to survey the field of battle, she noticed that Grunt was lying on the floor, barely breathing. As she looked at him, it seemed to her that he was having a vivid dream. Out of the corner of her eye, she thought she saw a shadow emerge from one of the nearby graves and fly into Grunt, but in the heat of the battle, she couldn’t be too sure. Grunt woke up startled, and slowly climbed to his feet.

Eventually the flesh golem was defeated, and in the immediate silence following the battle, the group debated about how to move forward. Grunt, all the sudden, was terrified to remain in the catacombs, and wanted to head back to the surface. Realizing, though, that they couldn’t solve the mystery of this dark infestation if they left, they decided to head down to the deepest depths of the catacombs, unsure of what was waiting for them…


Xylia’s thoughts:
I have a scale on my face. It is near my right ear, on my cheek, and it is green.
I have a scale on my face.
There used to be quite a few more, all over my body, but now they are gone. The other scales were rather uncomfortable – in unfortunate places for my purposes, and I didn’t even want to consider walking with them. I’m assuming scales; for lizards and wyverns and dragons, are more natural-feeling. I certainly hope so, for their sakes.
This, of course, raises some questions. Not the fact the the scales were uncomfortable, but the fact that they existed in the first place. Some questions are: why were scales even a necessity, considering I have four “teammates” – some team – who are perfectly capable of healing me when the need arises? Considering that in some capacities, I am the most valuable member of the team – though I’ll not let Ennet hear me saying that – I just can’t come up with a valid answer to that question. Remulus tried, at the least, but was rebuffed by a most inconvenient flesh golem in his way. Most of my teammates, come to think of it, were on the other side of said inconvenient blockage, but some were not. Looking at you, Alleon. What’s your answer to that question?
And, shockingly to anyone who knows how worthy I am of being healed, that’s the easy question. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wandered from interest to interest, never caring deeply about any of them. The question here is, what did I do before that?
And does that have anything to do with these scales?
I would love to know. However, I’ll rule out any other near-death experiences as a means of learning more for the time being. And other avenues of information are rather closed to me, frustratingly, at least for the time being, since we are still on the sixth level of these catacombs, amidst the worryingly lively dead. Flesh golems don’t grow out of the ground: they are created by a magic-user who has need a guardian and no need for subtlety. And a foolish sorcerer it would be indeed to create a golem that was more powerful than them.

The Flesh Golem, Part II

Ennet’s Thoughts:

That dwarf!
Terrified to Magna’s realm and back!
He makes no sense. Dwarves have no conscience, so it’s not like he’s getting a sudden rush of guilt for every cruel, horrible thing he has ever done. And he seems to be incapable of simplistic thought so its not like he just realized some great and terrible thing.
And he was barely breathing, and he just somehow stands up?! There is something definitely fishy going on around here and I’m going to figure out what.

The Flesh Golem, Part II
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