Shadows Rising

The Cemetery

Nothing ever goes wrong in a cemetery

As the gates slowly swung open, Aspen, Baru, Crulamin, Hobb, Mirko, and Thang cautiously entered the grounds of the cemetery. Remulus, having a general fear of cemeteries, remained just outside the gate, watching his comrades explore the cemetery grounds.

As the group wondered around, they didn’t initially notice anything out of place. As they headed further in, they came upon three large mausoleums situated against the back wall. They noticed that the iron door to the center one was partially open, so they decided to investigate further. Inside they discovered five crypts, two along each side wall and a fifth one against the back wall.

Baru, Hobb, and Thang noticed that there was an inscription on the front of the crypt in the back—they approached it slowly, to make sure that they did not trip any traps. Upon closer inspection, they were able to decipher the inscription:

Take care and heed these words,
That even Adventurers with great courage,
Face certain death and peril from the great hordes,
Lying within this great, deep cage.

Naturally, they decided to open the crypt. As the lid was removed, a sudden burst exploded from the crypt, freezing Hobb and Thang where they stood. Baru just barely missed being struck—he yelled for his friends to come and join him, and they all entered the crypt to see what had happened (except of course for Remulus who remained outside the cemetery gates.)

As they surveyed the scene, they noticed that there was no body inside the crypt—rather, there were a set of stone stairs that led deep down into the darkness. Wary of any further traps, Aspen shot an arrow down the dark stairs—it landed somewhere down in the darkness—nothing happened. Worried that they might trigger something on the steps, they opened a second crypt in the mausoleum, removed the corpse’s skull, and rolled it down the stairs—still, nothing happened.

Sensing that the only way to save their two friends who had just been frozen was to head down the stairs, the four decided to go down into the darkness. Mirko summoned a small light, and they began to make their way down. As they reached the bottom, they stepped on a small pressure plate that the arrow and the skull had not triggered. A few moments later, Remulus came running down the stairs—the plate had brought some skeletons in the cemetery to life, who had chased him into the safety of the mausoleum with the rest of his friends.

Together, the five searched the darkness, hoping to find a way to save their two friends left behind in the crypt above…


jeremy_langill ginsusamurai

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