Shadows Rising

Quest for Gold

Mirko and Remulus got a little greedy...

Mirko and Remulus were both investigating (for different reasons and unbeknownst to one another) certain magical properties of the trees of the Dragon Wood, near the borders of the small village of Badger when they each came upon a sign post announcing the arrival of a messenger of the The Emperor. The messenger was announcing great rewards and accolades for those who would take up the The Emperor’s call to do his justice upon the growing evil in the land. Intrigued, they both made there way to the local pub, where The Emperor’s messenger was just about to begin his speech.

After sitting down at the same table (pure happenstance, of course) and listening to the whole speech of the messenger, Mirko and Remulus were approached by a stranger offering them great wealth in gold if they would only take up a small quest that he had for them. Without really inquiring as to the stranger’s motives, they both agreed, and he told them to meet him in an alley just outside the pub.

As they entered the alley, a different “man” approached them. He was at least part man but also, at least to Mirko’s eyes, part dragon as well. He had a surly demeanor and wasn’t the kind of person you’d want to spend too much time with. He approached Mirko and Remulus and demanded that they give him all of their weapons—clearly they had been set-up. Seeing as how the fight was two to one, Mirko and Remulus chose to fight…unfortunately, from the shadows the man was joined by three additional mercenaries—this was suddenly going to be a much more difficult fight.

And indeed, the fight did not go well—Mirko suffered many severe blows, even though Remulus successfully healed him many times. Meanwhile, Remeulus couldn’t land a single blow—the warrior he tried to attack merely laughed at his feeble attempts. Suddenly, just as Mirko was taking yet another critical hit, one of the warriors pulled a small pouch out of his pocket—he grabbed some of the dust contained in the pouch and blew it in Mirko’s face, knocking him completely unconscious. As Remulus surveyed the scene, he realized that he was not only on his own, but greatly outnumbered. After a valiant attempt to keep up the fight, he too was knocked unconscious by the same mysterious dust.

Mirko and Remulus both slipped into a deep sleep, dreaming dark dreams of the fight just lost and other trials yet to come…


jeremy_langill ginsusamurai

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