Shadows Rising

Nerryn Auric--Part 1

The circus master is looking for his hat

As the rest of her companions were sleeping comfortably after a particularly brutal fight, a young messenger approached her and passed along a letter to her. As her companions woke up, Nerryn shared some of the letter’s content with them—a person by the name of Caruvial S. claims to know who her real family is and offered her additional information if she would only come to the Dancing Firefly and have a short conversation with her. They all agreed that this would be a worthwhile endeavor to pursue, if only to help Nerryn learn more about her past.

After a while they made their way to the Dancing Fireflyy. A young, mysterious woman seated at a table towards the back introduced herself to Nerryn as Caruvial. Caruvial knew a surprising amount of Nerryn’s personal life, and offered to tell her more if only Nerryn would go on a short quest for her. Caruvial explained that two of her friends, Walkus and Lillian, had recently set out to explore a small cave in the Bitterwood on the road between Shadow Port Landing and Glitterhaegen and had not returned for sometime. Caruvial promised to exchange additional information with Nerryn if she could locate the whereabouts of her two friends.

Eventually, Nerryn (along with her companions) located the corpses of Walkus and Lillian in a small cave—they also discovered a piece of parchment Lillian’s body that could not be deciphered. Perhaps Caruvial will know how to translate the document…


Excerpt from the diary of Serine Callings…
“In our pursuit of Jamvin, we have also taken it upon ourselves to look for some misplaced comrades of a shady acquaintance of Naryn’s. We seem to have found what remains of them inside a “living cave”. We are now searching for a way out so as not to be found in a similar state ourselves. On the bright side, I now have a sample of poison quill antidote to try and improve upon….if we ever get out of here….”

Nerryn Auric--Part 1

Excerpts from Branan’s Journal:
“…into the Dancing Firefly. I could swear from behind Caruvial looked like a man. And, to be honest, a little from the front as well.”

Nerryn Auric--Part 1

Alatir’s Notes:

I must remind myself to ask Neryn about her hat. This Caruvial S. character made an interesting comment that requires further investigation. She made the comment in passing, but I still heard it clearly (these ears aren’t just for decoration). I am led to believe that the hat may be more than just your ordinary top hat, of which Neryn may or may not be aware…

Nerryn Auric--Part 1

So, diary/journal/THING

I’m honestly a bit baffled why my very recent comrades are so willing to take such a detour just for a personal and nebulous matter. I may be able to discover my parentage, in exchange for what has turned out to be a rather distasteful task.

I miss the city.

I GREATLY dislike all things chitinous.

I still wonder if I’m doing this correctly… and why.


Nerryn Auric--Part 1
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