Shadows Rising

Departures and New Beginnings

Arrival in Axis

After meeting up and discussing Nerryn’s situation with Pannan, they discerned that their only real path forward was to keep Nerryn as stable, secure, and hidden as possible. Zomi suggested that her ability to manipulate the fabric would provide her and Nerryn an additional layer of protection, and so it was decided that they would travel in secret and join the migration of the Koru Behemoths, ancient beasts who tolerated certain kinds of travelers upon their great backs.

Gortek, desiring to locate and protect his missing friend Nibil, set forth on his own into the wilderness — perhaps, he thought, their paths might meet again.

With that, Serine, Charlie, Alatir, and Branan set out to the great city of Axis, the Imperial capitol of the Dragon Empire. It has been said that all roads, in one way or another, lead to Axis — whether this is a good thing or not remained to be seen.


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