Shadows Rising

Crossing Over (into Shadowport)

We're looking for Jamven, not Yamvin...

Shadow_POrt.jpgAfter spending the rest of the day walking from the dwarven mine, our five heroes came to the ferry that shuttles passengers back and forth between the mainland and Shadow Port. After paying a somewhat hefty fee, they entered the harbor at Shadow Port just as the sun was going down. After quizzing the small crew about the whereabouts of Jamven (none of them knew anything about him, but they did know about a local man named Yamvin—no relation), they took the advice of the ferrymen and spent the night at the Portside Inn, a local inn just along the waterfront.

At the Portside Inn they asked the manager about Jamven Pegason, although he really couldn’t provide them with a great deal of information. He did tell them that he thought he heard a rumor that Jamven was staying at Shadow’s Run (a local boarding house), but he advised them against visiting it as the streets of Shadow Port are not always safe at night. They decided to order food and drink and settle in for the evening.

The next morning they set out for the Shadow’s Run—the manager there told them that Jamven did own a local shop in Shadow Port, and gave them directions on how to reach it. After a short trip up the main drag of Shadow Port, they found Jamven’s storefront only to discover that it had recently been broken into. As they were looking around for clues, a group of dwarves entered the room demanding information on the whereabouts of Jamven. After a somewhat intense exchange, the dwarves left—as they finished exploring the store they discovered a receipt for an item Jamven had recently purchased from an unknown buyer.

After failing to break into Jamven’s locked store room, the group headed out to see if they could find any other information about Jamven from the locals—suddenly, they were intercepted by seven “neighborhood watch” men who questioned them about why they were leaving Jamven’s robbed store. The conversation quickly escalated into a fight—a particularly nasty fight that left Branan and Marduke knocked unconscious for periods of time while leaving their friends to carry on the battle. After the last thug was defeated, the group headed to a local health clinic for some much needed rest and medical attention.


Excerpt from Branan’s journal:
“…and though I gave the goons many opportunities to escape with their lives they persisted in their aggression. Through it all, I never attempted to use the Goblin shaman’s dark staff – vile tool that it is. I sang an orison to the Priestess (which was quite beautiful if I do say so myself), though the generosity of her response left something to be desired. Namely, effective healing. Perhaps that blasted staff is to blame. At least my comrades received her boon. As I slipped out of consciousness – to my surprise – it was the voice of Marduke I heard calling me back…”

Crossing Over (into Shadowport)

Alatir’s Notes:

In our encounters so far, Nerryn’s combat ability has been a bit lacking. She does a good job of covering it up by being showy, but I have spent too many years fighting to be fooled by it.

She has been able to pull off some pretty impressive stunts, most likely owing to her origins at the circus, but it is obvious that this is her first time applying those skills to the field of combat.

During our last encounter with the seven thugs, she was largely ineffective for the first half of the battle, and lost control of one of her throwing knives which penetrated the top of her hat on its way down. Had she not been wearing such a tall hat she probably would have run into a serious problem.

It seems like we have reached the point where we get into fights 3 or 4 times a day (which has been strangely consistent since we 5 met up…)

It doesn’t help that Marduke invites trouble through his words and Branan invites trouble through his personality (though Branan does so inadvertently).

I have no complaints about this, but I fear that my companions are not as eager and willing as I am to fight so often. One plus side is that this will probably give Nerryn the exposure she needs to grow accustomed to a life of combat.

Crossing Over (into Shadowport)


Why is this not working? I’m making novice mistakes in my bladework and it is incredibly frustrating. I’d really rather not go back to a life of performing tricks for the drooling masses; if this whole mercenary plan doesn’t work out, I’ve no idea how else to ply my skills. I’ve even damaged my (well, Rostik’s) hat.

In sum; I’m feeling like I did as a novice at the seven bells, and I don’t like it.

Please work soon.

-Nerryn Auric

Crossing Over (into Shadowport)
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