Shadows Rising

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We should vacation in the Bitterwood more often!

IMG_2052.JPGAfter recovering from their fight in Shadow Port, the group headed back to Shadow’s Run to gather any additional information they could about Jamven. The manager had a pretty lengthy conversation with Branan who came back to the group and told them that Jamven had left Shadow Port the previous day and was on his way to Anvil. Branan told them that the fastest way back was to head to Glitterhaegen and catch a caravan up to Anvil. After stopping at the Dancing Firefly for a bit and some local shops, they took the ferry from Shadow Port Landing back to the Bitterwood Landing and started the walk to Glitterhaegen.

After finding a quiet and safe place to camp for the night, they sat around the campfire telling stories of all the events that had already happened on their short quest. They were even regaled by Branan with the sad, sad story of Yamvin Pegason…a man who learned a difficult lesson at the hands of the Shadow Prince.

As the campfire went out, Serine cast a protective spell over their encampment and they all fell into a deep sleep.

In the early morning hours, just before dawn, they were all awoken to the sound of alarms—someone or something had tripped the protective spell that Serine had placed around them the night before. Sensing it was probably best to move on, they packed up their belongings and continued along the trail to Glitterhaegen.

As they were walking they suddenly heard a noise just off the road—investigating it further, they discovered a small cave opening covered in thick vines. Thinking this might be the cave that Caruvial was talking about, they ventured inside.


From the Diary of Serine Callings…

Day 3/4: Shadow Port
Our journey to Shadow Port was largely a waste of energy. We just missed our quarry, though we did discover we are not the only ones looking for him. On the plus side, the shopping was excellent (and that fool Bard got rid of the cursed staff, for a pretty penny!). I was able to pick up some needed supplies to complete my alchemists travel set, and the others were quite pleased with our visit to the armory.
I’ve also learned a bit more about the former circus performer. Her past is indeed mysterious, but she definitely has some links to the shadier side of business.
We did have an unfortunate run in with a group of thugs that nearly did us in! Happily, where there is darkness, there is also light, and a local temple of healers were able to set us right and back on our feet in good time. All in all, I’m glad to be leaving this town.

Day 5:Another road, another cave
I was able to make good use of my alchemist tools and the Enthulite we had found previously. The recipe will take a bit of tweeking as it seems to hinder movement while increasing the hardness of the armor…perhaps the addition of a more supple element as well?
And delightfully the Bard can actually be amusing and educational. His knowledge base seems to be in dwarven and thievery lore (there is likely another GREAT story there!).

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“…and sang the sad tale of Yamven Peguson – Jamven’s distant cousin. Perhaps before erelong my ballad shall find its way to the ears of the Shadow Prince…”

“…living caves of which I’ve heard so many tales. If the stories are to be believed, we may find ourselves facing earthen creatures. Giant ants, for instance. In case we do encounter such beasts, I shall commence composing ant-themed retorts and battle cries with which to spur on my comrades. I list them here in preparation, and fervently pray that composing these highly specific taunts will not be in vain:

-Stop ant-agonising us!
-Get ant of town!
-What’s the matter? Caught with your ‘ants down?
-Ant-spirational quote of the day: It ant over til it’s over!
-Looks like someone ant feeling up to the challenge
-Time to up the ante!
-I heard your ant queen…"

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Alatir’s Notes:

We found a pair of tracks, potentially left by the individuals that Caruvial S. sent us to investigate.

Even with this lead that needs to be explored, Serine needed some convincing to enter the cave.

Does her uneasiness stem specifically from caves?

Did she perhaps fall into a chasm from not paying attention and take several days or extreme effort to escape?

Could she have been a member of a previous group that explored a cave and something went terribly wrong? Maybe she was the only survivor, or she was betrayed?

Or is it something more broad than that? Is she wary of any enclosed space and prefers to be out in the open?

I shouldn’t spend too much more effort attempting to figure it out. We may never hear the story straight from her. I am certainly not going to ask her directly, as that would likely lead to questions about my own past…

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We missed our mark. He is clearly more on the side of savvy than sucker, or at least lucky; I’m not sure which would be worse.

I did manage to lift our coin, and a few extra, from the rather unfair ferrymen; the dwarf’s violent sickness was certainly helpful as a distraction. I’m unsure of how I feel about splitting the extra coin evenly among all of us, but I suppose this is a part of the cost of companions.

I’m beginning to see the benefits of sleeping under the night sky; it does glitter so nicely.

-Nerryn Auric

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It’s time I faced facts, the tradition of keeping the history of clan Grimhammer an oral tradition depends on someone in the clan having the gift for telling it, I don’t. So sense I’m the last Grimhammer my days are the clan’s current history hence a journal.
Grimhammer Histories entry 1,
Today we detoured from our pursuit of Jamven Peguson to investigate a cave containing the bodies of 2 people, we were sent to find them by …. I’ll ask one of the other’s who she was later. It all comes back to finding some of Nerryn’s history a worthy task. Anyway, underground now, trapped; the others are upset but I’ve yet to see anything down here capable of killing us. Therefore their objections amount to so much whining.

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