Rune of the Grey

The Rune of the Grey, or the Rune of Thoghouc Greyarmor as some know it, is a mysterious, magically imbued rune that Jamven Pegason was attempting to deliver to the Dwarf King in Forge. Because the Dwarf King was away at the time, Bellamin, the Royal Dwarf Armorer, attempted to convince Jamven Pegason to give the rune to him for safe keeping. Sensing a trap, Jamven left the rune with his assistant, Hermia, for safe keeping while he met with Bellamin. The whole event can be read here.

Not many in Forge know much about it, except of course for speculation and rumor. Some say its powers are entirely mythical, while others say it is a powerful gem that gives its holder a kind of psychic control over lesser minds. Others believe it to be a magical weapon of great explosive and destructive power—no one really knows.

For now it is safely hidden from those who desire it the most, although what to do with it remains a vexing question.

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Rune of the Grey

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