Tag: Priestess


  • Santa Cora

    [[File:610113 | class=media-item-align-center | Santa_Cora_Cathedral.jpg]]Santa Cora is the city of the gods, and home to the [[Priestess | Priestess]] and her great Cathedral. It has been the spiritual center of the [[Dragon Empire | Dragon Empire]] …

  • Vicit Mortem

    Vicit Mortem (or, as it is officially styled, Quia Vicit Mortem) is a holy order of Paladins established under the authority of the [[Priestess | Priestess]] to maintain the rituals of the dead--they are responsible for making sure that all funerary sites …

  • Emlia Pashar

    Emlia, as the half-sister to the [[Priestess | Priestess]], is held in high esteem throughout the city of [[Santa Cora | Santa Cora]]. She is good friends with [[:remulus-the-wise | Remulus]], and many clerics seek out her wisdom on the healing arts.