Remulus the Wise

Remulus, one of the few gnomish clerics in the entire Dragon Empire, was born into a family with a long history of faithful service to the Priestess and her ilk.





Few gnomes have ever attained the status and acclaim of the great gnomish family that Remulus the Wise descends from. Remulus’ father and his father before him have served the great Priestess of the Dragon Empire for many, many years. But being born into such a noble household cannot protect one from all the evils in the world. At a young age, Remulus’ father was assassinated by an unknown agent of the Orc Lord (or so the rumors go), and ever since then Remulus has had a burning desire to see justice done upon all who took his father’s life—of course, being a servant of the light, Remulus is only interested in justice being done for justice’s sake…

Remulus the Wise

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