Ennet Daewen

The most stunningly beautiful dark-elf the world has known...and probably the most fierce too





It is said that among the elves the dark-elves are not known for either their beauty or their forgiving nature…at least on one count, Ennet Daewen is different from most of her brethren. Ennet is not only an exceptionally stunning elf, she is also a skilled fighter who has (from time to time) been known to take on an odd job or two (for an extraordinarily high profit, of course.) Not much can be said about her patient nature, though, as she has been known to cut down anyone simply for looking at her the wrong way. Still, the fact that she continues to travel and work in “decent” society says that she is not wholly consumed by the dark paths like the rest of her kin…

Ennet Daewen

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