Shadows Rising

The Great Library

Damn pixies!

After some discussion, the group decided to head over to The Whirlpool, a pub located over in Dockside. Inside The Whirlpool were all manner of rowdy sailor, dockworker, and gambler—making their way to the bar, they were greeted by the owner, who offered them free drinks if they would only regale him with the tale of their journey thus far.

After Branan finished telling the story, and drinking copious amounts of ale, they left The Whirlpool and headed to the archway that would lead them to the college district, where Serine told them they would find the Great Library, a place that would definitely hold answers to at least some of the questions they had. Serine led them outside, up the street, and through a great archway, at which point they emerged on the other side right in the center of the College District of Horizon.

The first thing they realized (to their great dismay) was that the effects of the alcohol they had just consumed were completely gone. Noticing the confused looks on her companions faces, Serine told them that there was a magical enchantment on the archway that prevented anyone from remaining inebriated while entering the College District. The enchantment was in place to make sure that wizarding students would not do anything dangerous or harmful once returning from Dockside or the Sub-city. After some discussion, it was decided to head out from the archway and up to the Great Library.

As they approached the The Great Library, Serine told them that it not only holds all the great wisdom accumulated by the Archmage and his followers, but is also the place where you can find many great teachers, including her mentor, Vance. Walking through the great doors, they were shocked that the building seemed even larger on the inside than it did when standing outside of it. The students at the front desk recognized Serine as she walked in, and after some surprise at the fact that she had friends, told her that Vance could be found in his office.

The group reached Vance’s office and knocked—slowly, the door opened by itself, and revealed an elderly wizard sitting at his desk, with piles of paper and books strewn about. After exchanging pleasantries, Nerryn asked Vance if he knew anything about her locket—he picked it up and held it close, murmuring to himself that he could hear it “speaking” to him (although no one else in the room could hear anything at all.) Handing it back to Nerryn, Vance told her that she should speak with Carmo, a wizard who specialized in studying ancient, unknown artifacts. Nibil spoke up and asked Vance if he knew anything about the demise of the headmaster of the great Gnomish School of Magic—Vance told him that he didn’t, but that he could possibly arrange a meeting with someone who might.

Next, Serine asked Vance if he knew anything about the attempt on her life. While not having any specific information, he intimated that it was not safe for her to be in Horizon, although it was unlikely that anyone would try anything against her while she was traveling with her new friends. Branan asked if there was any news regarding the High Druid, but Vance told him that the High Druid had no real influence in Horizon, so he did not knowing anything beyond the normal stress that exists between the Archmage and the High Druid. Branan also inquired about the legend of Frothenhall, although Vance told him that that was a story for another time…

Deciding to split up and explore more of the library, Nerryn and Serine headed down to pay a visit to Carmo, while the rest of the group split up in search of the sections that might answer some of their more personal, lingering, questions. After a short conversation with Carmo, Nerryn agreed to give Carmo her locket for further investigation. Feeling confident in Carmo’s ability to unlock the secrets of the locket, Nerryn and Serine headed upstairs to the section on the history of the dwarves, assuming that they’d find Marduke there.

As they entered the dwarven section, they did indeed find Marduke, although he seemed to be having a difficult time. They saw him, arms outstretched, just out of reach of a book that was hovering above his head. Using mage hand, Serine pulled the book towards him, although she noticed that the book was struggling against her as well. With the book finally in his hand, Marduke attempted to open it, only to find that he was unable to do so. As the three of them explored the matter further, they noticed small flying objects whisking by in their peripheral vision, and the faint sound of giggling all around them. Serine, suspecting a pixie infestation, sent Nerryn to the front desk for help.

Meanwhile, Branan had made his way over to a section of the library devoted to Bardic Verse. After some searching (and flirting, unsuccessfully, with some of the students in that section), he located a book titled “Bardic Myths”. Flipping through the pages, he found a section on Frothenhall—borrowing some paper and ink, he jotted down the pertinent sections, and then made his way to the front desk to attempt to check it out.

He was surprised to run into Nerryn at the front desk, whom Serine had sent down in order to enlist the help of the library’s staff in solving the pixie infestion in the dwarven section. Unable to check the book out, he went back with Nerryn to help Serine and Marduke.

A chaotic scene was unfolding as Branan and Nerryn entered the dwarven section. Several pixies were tormenting Marduke, who had already begun calling the wrath of his ancestors down upon them. Branan, in an attempt to calm the situation down, began to swing a sweet lullaby to them, only to have all six pixies give their full attention to him. A fight quickly broke out, and eventually, after having been joined in battle by Nibil and Alatir, the pixies were destroyed.

Returning to Vance to report of their encounter in the dwarven section, he told them that he had arranged for a meeting with Ricven Tarmikos, Superior Quartus to the Archmage. He quickly opened a portal, and they all stepped inside, anxious to see if they could find any answers to the multitude of questions they had…


Nibil’s Survival Tome Entry 142

I’m not sad. What the hell is going on? It must be the armor. I left it at the shop and I’m not wearing it. It all makes sense now. Hopefully the armorer can succeed with the fire armor I requested. It would be of great value given my propensity to get lit up while traveling with these people.

Now that we’ve taken care of that, I have more important matter to deal with. A trip to the Great Library and time to search is a momentous event. What was I searching for? Simple. A way to cast magic. As a gnome born without the talent, the lack of magical ability had not hindered me until recently. But now I fight alongside a group of people who use magic and seem to draw magic and magic users to them. Heck, these morons even managed to get into a fight with pixies inside the library. Additionally, I feel like there is some magical element to my assassination problem. Whether is came from the Gnome lands, or more frighteningly the Barbarian lands, things do not sit right with me. Alas, I have made very little progress in this research question.

Maybe the Superior can help… in some area or another.

The Great Library

From the diary of Serine Callings:

Second Week of the Harvest Moon (Cont),

I am in the strange position of acting as guide to my new companions. I’ve never really had “friends” so its odd to be escorting people around Horizon. Most of the people I know are already familiar with the portals and districts. I’ve taken them to the most popular student’s tavern, We hit the shops and traded in some of the pieces we’ve collected on our journeys for some more useful gear. And of course, I’ve taken them to my home away from home, the Great Library. Its a shame about the pixie infestation. I hate when that happens. I’m not sure Marduke will ever trust a place of knowledge again.

The Great Library

Dear Diary,
Today Serine referred to us as her “friends.” It tumbled out awkwardly, as though she were trying out the word for the first time. Which she may have been. It was gratifying nonetheless.

The Great Library

Dear Diary,
Success! I found a tale of Frothenhal in the library. It’s written in an older tongue, but I pieced together enough to decipher the subject. It will take more time to translate, but I am buoyed all the same.

The Great Library
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