Shadows Rising

The Flesh Golem, Part I

Seriously, where's that gurgling noise coming from?

The group seemed to be caught a little off guard by the strength of the skeleton warriors—Xylia was quickly surrounded, and both Alleon and Grunt took early damage. Xylia tried over and over again to disengage, and was eventually able to do it, but not before taking several hits. Just as the skeletal warriors seemed overwhelming, they heard the sound of footsteps rushing down the stairs—Ennet suddenly appeared! Surveying the scene, she immediately jumped into help, taking on the powerful skeleton archer that had been harassing the entire group.

Remulus, for most of the battle, had a significant amount of success healing the group, although he did find himself in a sticky situation when he attempted to use his mace to attack one of the skeletal warriors. His feeble attempt missed badly, and the warrior, undaunted, picked him up and threw across the hallway into Alleon! But soon the tide of battle turned in the group’s favor, and Grunt managed to kill the last enemy by having Xylia pick him up and throw him, dagger first, into the skeleton’s chest, pulverizing him on the spot.

After the dust had settled, the group healed what wounds they could (although, strangely enough, Alleon decided to press forward without seeking any medical aid) and headed down the stairs to the sixth level of the catacombs.

The sixth level of the catacombs held tombs from a long ago age—the air was stale and musty, and the path underneath them was made out of compacted dirt. The beams holding the walls and ceiling up were simply cut wooden beams, nothing like the elaborate stone work of the floors above. Xylia activated her dancing lights and led the group down the dimly lit path. As they approached the first intersection, they could hear a low gurgling noise ahead. Curious, Grunt attempted to light an arrow and shoot it out in front of them, although he only managed to lose the bolt and singe his fingers in the process.

As they approached the second intersection, they noticed that the pathway opened up into a larger room. Standing in front of them was a monstrous flesh golem—silent for a moment, Xylia began to quiz the golem about where it was from and who it served. Others in the group asked other questions as well, although the golem only answered in cryptic, vague generalities. Xylia asked the golem if it would be interested in heading up to the light, and it responded by telling her that it was his job to “bring the darkness to the light.”

With that, the golem lashed out at the group, striking Xylia and Alleon with great ferocity. Xylia sustained a significant amount of damage, and Alleon was knocked out completely. Grunt attempted to shoot an arrow at the golem, but he missed badly and struck Xylia, knocking her unconscious as well. Ennet attempted to stabilize Alleon, but all she ended up doing was restoring the life of the flesh golem.

Surveying the scene, those who were still conscious realized the battle was going poorly. Even though Alleon and Xylia were eventually brought back to consciousness, and they finally began to land some hits on the golem, he didn’t see close to being taken down…only time would tell if the group would overcome this powerful foe…


Really, honestly. Why did you get my name wrong. It’s Lanister, and Lannis, and it’s spelled incorrectly all of the site. Also, if you wondering why I am addressing this, and the fact that I know this, you are overlooking one detail. When talking to the flesh gollum, I asked if he knew the gm. So, ya, I am breaking the forth wall. Why you might ask, because this post did not talk about the times I triumphed, only the time I failed. You might also ask how am I breaking the forth wall, that is not for you to know. Anyway, this post neglected to mention the one time I actually did something in the battle. I woke up, healed 10 health, and then shot a bow into the gollums head, criting and doing max damage. However, headshots don’t work, and thus, this post was made.

I also want to know what the stone Ennet has is, and why the dwarf wants it. Also, why do we have a dwarf? All he does is grunt and try to cut the balls of things that don’t have balls. SERIOUSLY, if it doesn’t have balls, then you can’t cut them also. And, he is a fat dwarf, which makes me wonder how he can do some bullsh*t acrobatics. The only reason I can’t is becuase of my injury. I also just want to take some time to thank Ennet for being my Elven shield.
-Aleon Lanister, not Lannis.

The Flesh Golem, Part I


The adventure log is only a general recap—you are always encouraged to tell the story of your heroic deeds—that’s what I encourage you to write comments from your character’s perspective.

The GM

The Flesh Golem, Part I

Xylia’s Thoughts:

Well, they say you learn something new every day. I cannot attest to the learning part of that (since I’ve met several people who I truly doubt have ever learned anything at all, in their whole lifetime), but by definition, every day is a new experience. Oh, and speaking of things I’ve never done before, and new experiences?

Trying to do any sort of damage to a skeleton – with a staff! – is one of them.

First off, skeletons are hard enough to hit as it is: they’re not exactly a solid object. Add to that: I am a sorcerer, and proud of it. Though my staff isn’t entirely necessary to my magic, it does nothing good for my self-esteem to now be using it for close-quarters combat – that’s just not what it’s made for. I once heard someone refer to me as squishy. Though I was not entirely sure what they meant by it at the time, I think that by now I’ve figured out what it means. I am not the type of person to take on three skeletons who all want to hack you to bits. I am not the type to get in the way of the big evil guy and get hit and still stay standing. I am the person who is above all this gritty, bloody close-quarters combat business. Thank you very much, I’m perfectly happy to stand back and vaporize anyone who is in our way. I’m actually pretty good at it.

In fact, I’m quite proud to say that without me, this strange group – and I still haven’t figured out what or who drew us together in the first place – would be dead long ago. I, Xylia of the Opal Lakes, have slain more of these undead creatures than any other of our group, and many of our living foes as well. In addition, many deaths that Alleon was prideful enough to take responsibility for in previous battles were more than just partway due to me.

Just saying. And maybe one might add that someone should help their “squishy” teammate if they are surrounded by skeletons. Again, just saying.

I’ll admit that others in our group perform important tasks as well. Without Remulus many members of our group might now be among the ranks of the undead, as his healing has saved them – particularly Grunt and Ennet – many times over. And I will admit that Ennet did arrive at a very opportune time, and that before she joined us, we were getting beat worse than usual. Looking like we are going to lose a battle and be brutally murdered seems to be the normal state of affairs for us, and it is a continual amazement to me that we are still alive.

All things considered, however, this battle was a major milestone for us: during the entire duration of this battle, none of us fell into unconscious. We’ll see how long that lasts.

One might have even found some comic relief during the events of our last confrontation, due to the…antics, one might call it, of the shorter members of our group. Remulus has had the misfortune of being thrown bodily into our resident high elvish ranger ahem-snob-ahem, and though Grunt is fond of calling the gnome short, he does not seem to be much better. Apparently, his favorite type of travel is via elf – evidently he has no idea how tempted I was to ignore his calls for me to throw him and instead let him run headfirst into the wall. So despite Grunt’s repeated jokes that Remulus could commit suicide by jumping off a coin, they both posses the strange quality that I hope not all of the smaller races share of throwability.

And not just throwing. Apparently Ennet is so concerned about keeping in shape, and Grunt so lazy, that they can agree to have Ennet carry our overweight dwarf around, lifting him up and down and up and down like a bearded barbel.

Not to mention that Grunt is still carrying around six ribs from the skeleton we defeated earlier.

And after putting those facts together, that’s when I decided: I am, in fact, hallucinating. I did fall out of a tree (and was incredibly grateful no one saw) recently, maybe I landed on my head and my subconscious dreamed up…this. But in the name of the Blessed Emperor, it makes more sense than what seems to be real.

But I have no intention of dying, even in a dream, so I shall move on and remain optimistic. Apparently, unlike Alleon, who has some sort of death wish in not healing after our battle. All I have to say, is that if he truly wishes to die, I believe that there is some high elven ritual for those who are old beyond belief and have grown weary of the eternal elvish lifetime.

Though eternity for my lifetime is questionable, at this rate. I am most disappointed to say that the reason for my first foray into unconsciousness is not due to the flesh golem. Oh no. My wonderfully clean bill of health thus far has been spoilt by…Grunt. By a dwarf. Who prioritizes shopping over quite possibly saving all of Santa Cora. Who is three-quarters of the reasons that I think this is all an incredibly detailed hallucination.

At least, if we die at the hand of this golem, we most likely will not un-die, since we will be skinned and part of this twisted creature’s collection of skins. And he’s more than just evil, sadistic, and trying to kill us: he’s a terrible conversationalist. I have had more interesting and informative conversations with dying kobolds. While I doubt he has had much experience to refine his conversation skills, I would think that spending “long enough,” according to him, this far under the earth, would have made someone more blunt, not frustratingly vague. I am not one to judge, though: I often refer to myself as ‘from the Opal Lakes.’ And there are three of those – not that anyone other than myself cares.

So now I find myself time to reflect in the middle of a battle. It is funny how the moments that should seem to move so quickly can in reality move like tree sap in the winter months. So I guess I shall get back to the business of (hopefully) defeating this golem with only an optimistic thought to urge myself onward: I truly believe we can defeat this golem. And if not? Well then, maybe I shall awake at the bottom of that tree, with the silver leaves of elven trees and the soft whisper of a sweet breeze around me, home again.

The Flesh Golem, Part I

Ennet’s Diary—Entry #:

Night Month, Twelfth day, 13th Age:

I guess I basically SAVED the first battle, thought none of the others seemed to be doing much work. I have to say of all of the “groups”— if you even could call us that: we don’t really work together and we have no “set” leader; unless Miss Bossy Goody Two Shoes counts as one, which she definitely DOESN’T— I have ever worked with, this one is pretty mellow. I have lived for 368 years on the wretched planet. I am, if I remember correctly, the oldest one in our little “band,” and I have probably seen worse things than many of these amateurs and that means I have the right to say that this group is mellow. And referring to those in the “group” I have mixed opinions on them:


Pros: He has helped me on more than one occasion to get back up on my feet and stop being unconscious because I take ALL of the damage; I am an elven shield for a reason! Thank you Remulus.

Cons: I had to swear an OATH, the only promise I actually take seriously, to this gnome to even get him to stop TREMBLING around me. And my oath was the most stupid thing ever: that I wouldn’t turn him into an ITEM of clothing; even though gnome skin does make a lovely substitute for leather! And he is terrible at doing ANY damage. Stop trying to fight! and start healing people! You are a cleric for a reason!


Pros: I have to say he makes an excellent dumbbell.

Cons: Grunt in the broadest terms is blunt and a shopaholic. What is it with him and having to go shopping every two seconds! And let me tell you he spends more time unconscious than actually fighting; he needs to pick up his game.


Pros: All in all, Alleon is actually pretty mellow, but he can act before he thinks. But I have to admit, he does a lot of damage and kills a lot of monsters. So thank you Alleon for protecting my back, most of the time.

Cons: Alleon has some interesting views on how to deal with monsters. I at least try to reason with them before attacking. I actually want to stay alive! And that brings me to another point! Who ends a battle with very little health and then doesn’t heal up!


Pros: Xylia can do damage, and she is basically our living torch. Dancing lights, nice move. I also guess she is better at wording such things so that what we really want is seems much less menacing. Also she has a habit of lifting ours spirits. I guess she is starting to grow on me. Also she is the only other female and an elf at that. I guess female elves have to stick together.

Cons: It is hard to say anything bad about Xylia, except for the fact that she is overly positive and very, very, very, very bosy. Also she has, for some reason, self proclaimed herself “leader.”

I am happy to say, though, that I have, for the most part received very little damage in any of our recent battles and am proud of it. Xylia for the first time was actually unconscious. That I have to say worried me a bit because she the only other female, and I would hate to be alone in a group with a meek gnome, a blunt, shopaholic dwarf, and a High Elf who probably has better things to do with his life. Things though seem to be looking up for the better. Maybe I’ll make a sacrifice to Magna if I survive this battle to thank her; she likes dwarf. I could live without Grunt. :D
- Ennet Daewen

*Note from the author: Ennet’s views on the characters are purely in character and based on what she would think based on her personality.
The Flesh Golem, Part I
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