Shadows Rising

The Catacombs of Santa Cora, Part II


Santa_Cora_Catacombs.jpgAs soon as the battle began, the group knew that they might be in for some trouble. Alleon was suddenly stricken by some powerful magic and was knocked completely out! Grunt was unconscious and surrounded by zombies, and Ennet had not really healed from her wounds from the previous battle. Still, having little choice, and summoning all the courage they had, they fought.

One of the zombies moved first, and shuffled over to the unconscious Grunt lying on the floor—his brains would be easy pickings! Ennet, in an attempt to disrupt the zombie’s attack on Grunt ran over with her sword raised high…but, as she approached the zombie, she noticed a strange smile on the zombie’s face and suddenly fell into an uncontrollable fit of laughter.

Remulus, not quite sure what was going on with Ennet, turned his immediate focus towards Grunt, and, calling upon the power of the Priestess and the celestial hosts, was able to break the powerful magical spell that had first knocked Grunt unconscious. Even though some of the zombies had taken some bites out of Grunt as he had been lying on the floor, he gathered himself and quickly joined in on the fight.

Meanwhile, Xylia cast several powerful spells upon the three zombie fiends, which all landed with great success. But these zombies were tough, and seemed unfazed by the damage they were taking from her. As the battle wore on, both Ennet and Grunt were knocked unconscious again—the zombies targeted Ennet as she was lying on the ground, and she came dangerously close to death. As her life force began to leave her body, a strange, glowing stone appeared in her pocket, and she was instantly thrust back into consciousness and the battle. Remulus made his way over to Grunt and revived him a second time—now, with all four of them standing there, they took on the zombies in force and eventually destroyed them.

As they surveyed the battle scene, they quickly rushed over to Alleon to see what had happened to him—his body, much like Crulamin’s, was wrapped in a protective force field that could not be penetrated. Ennet and Xylia stared intently at the glowing stone that had been in Ennet’s pocket, but couldn’t figure out what it was or how it got there.

The group then began to debate their next steps—after a quick vote, they decided to explore some of the side hallways on this floor of the catacombs, although they didn’t discover anything out of place. Realizing that they had not really explored the room in the floor above (the one where the ghouls came out of the empty casket), they headed back up to the main floor to do a more thorough search of the area. On their way back to the room, they were met by a group of four paladins and two priests who were on their way to prepare for the Daily Office of the Dead, the rituals performed by the Vicit Mortem to keep the dead “dead.” They told their story to the group—surprised to hear that zombies had appeared in the lower levels, three of the paladins and one of the priests rushed downstairs. The remaining paladin and priest asked them to escort them over to the room where the ghouls had first appeared.

As they approached the door to the room, the paladin inquired as to why the door was unlocked—the group lied and said that the door had already been open when they arrived (Grunt had, of course, picked the lock.) When they entered the room, the priest and Xylia went over to inspect the coffin that the ghouls had come out of when the group had first come into the room. Upon closer inspection, they saw the same dark elvish writing etched into the wood (as if by fingernails) that was also written on the urn they had found back in the temple of Aphneon. Just as Xylia was asking the priest about what their next steps should be, the door behind them shut with a loud clang. The priest, with a demon-twisted smile, looked Xylia in the eye and told her that they would do nothing, except, of course, become members of the newly forming army of the dead…


In the format: when and where- what she was thinking
During the battle with the zombies- Why in the world is Ennet laughing? We are in the middle of a fight for our lives here, and I personally don’t see that as a cause for merriment. At least she stopped when I yelled at her to snap out of it.

During the battle with the zombies- What is the use of having a rogue around when all he does is lie on the ground, unconscious? All the members of this group (me being the exception, I believe) have fallen unconscious at some point or another, so that in itself is not so unusual. But Grunt seems to spend far than his share of time out cold.

After the battle, looking at Alleon- Too many members of our group seem to randomly fall unconscious. I wonder what this strange force field is though….there must be something or someone at work behind the scenes. I guess all we can do is leave a note to let him know where we are going.

When lying to the priests about why the door was open- If they call us on our lie, then I would bet anything that Remulus, Ennet and I will all simultaneously point at Grunt. If anyone gets in trouble, it will be him.
When examining the coffin with the priest- Interesting. Everyone buried in this room seems to have the last name ‘Dreckle.’ Wonder if the Dreckle family was dark elvish or evil or something, or just a normal family whose burial room is now a breeding ground for the undead.

When seeing the priest smiling creepily- He said that maybe the rituals weren’t happening and that is why there are undead in these catacombs. But when we asked him why he thought that he said that he thought nothing was wrong to the best of his knowledge. Well, we know now that was a lie, since I definitely consider a possessed priest- or whatever else he may be- something wrong. Maybe this is like how the goblin posed as an acolyte.


Ennet’s Diary:

Dear Diary,
Today was, to say the least was horrible! First Alleon unconscious then Grunt! Then zombies! I am not going to describe the battle except that I found a weird glowing gem thing in my pocket. Well heading back was better but then we just had to run into priests and paladins! Could this day get any worse?! Well then we were locked in one if the burial chambers, wait there’s more, by one of the priests who went creepy! I’m going out of my mind.


What’s so bad about running into preists and paladins, Ennet?


Do you people think the weird preist, who is probably unanimously considered by our group to be some output of the evil of this place, will start spawning tons of annoying little minion thngs as soon as we start to fight him?

jeremy_langill ginsusamurai

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